The Kaderhan Family who making business and transportation by sailing had given a start to motorway transportation at 1961 with Steyr  model trucks.

Besides homeland transportation, we have carried our transportation network to abroad since 1980.

With the DAF trailers we bought at 1996 and 1998, we have oriented our transportation mainly to Greece and the Balkans.

Eventually, The Kaderhan İnternational Transportation company, located at Bursa has been established on 2007 with C2 and truck records and taken a corporate identity.

Our company is proudful to make transportation over 10.000.000 km without any problem and has earned the respect  of exporters and industrialists.

The Kaderhan International Transportation Company, having the priority of customer satisfaction, has aimed to serve with competetive prices without ignoring quality and to create awareness.

Our company is also planning to contribute to Turkey’s 2023 future plans by taking consideration the changing global conditions and customer’s demands and requests.

Our main idea is to become a solution partner rather than giving a standard transportation service.



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